Pretty! Cool! New Surrealist Sculptures by Ellen Jewett

I've followed Ellen Jewett for a bit now, and always find such awe and inspiration in her whimsical sculptures!

Jewett is known for her remarkable blending of animals with elements from their environments, creating ceramic pieces that seem wonderfully inside-out.  Each work is magnificently detailed—flowers, leaves, and vines wrap themselves around and through animals, from coyotes to deer to chameleons.

By focusing on negative spaces within the animals’ bodies, Jewett constructs her ceramic pieces using an additive technique, beginning with the innermost parts of the sculptures and layering outward. As peripheral components of the animals’ habitats are added to each piece, a narrative begins to form. Beyond just being glorious to look at and admire, her pieces often explore the concepts of domestication, death, growth, visibility, and wildness.

You can keep updated on the Canadian artist’s new work on her Facebook page, and several new pieces are currently available.