Worth A Thousand Words

Jesse Pollock, founder of Unpiano Books, was merely scraping the surface of Arthur Pollock's oeuvre when he decided to publish a collection of his father's pictures in 2011. Arthur spent many years traveling around New England and the Midwest as a news photographer, and currently works as a photo editor at the Boston Herald. The book features 200 images from an archive of more than 10,000, taken over Arthur's 30+ year career. 

I stared at this particular picture for a loooooong time.  Then I scrolled through the rest of the collection.  Then I came back to this one.  There is just so much in this image that I simply adore.  I adore the men's expressions.  I adore the peaceful coexistence of these two humans sharing a moment over coffee.  I love that this could have been caught during a lull in a conversation, during small talk over the weather, or even just interrupting a quiet moment.  I love the subway tile in the old donut shop and the retro diner feel.... I found the whole scene reminiscent of the images of segregated eateries, but delightfully friendly and peaceful for a change!  

Abe’s Donut Shop - Syracuse, 1975.

Abe’s Donut Shop - Syracuse, 1975.

(All photos:  © Arthur Pollock)

Of course, there is a chance I'm totally misreading it, but isn't art meant for personal interpretation?! 

Are there any pictures that you can't get enough of?  What stirs your inner feels??