What I'm Reading: Pizza Rat, A Secret Lair for Books, and Britney's New Single.

Happy Friday, folks!  I've got a ton of good stuff for you today!  Any fun plans for the weekend?  I'm taking it easy, enjoying the rain, just running some errands and working on commissions. Hopefully I'll get some time to work on my newest pet project or crack open a new book. I've got a big week planned for this coming week, so I'm focusing on getting prepared for that.  :D

I hope your weekend is glorious! Enjoy!

Pizza Rat Part 2: The Duel.

Nerd alert! In case you didn't know, I love sharks.  Shark week is legit one of my favorite weeks and I will talk anyone's ear off who is unfortunate enough to be around me about all the different and bizarre sharks that so fascinate me.  Now they've discovered a total Methuselah!  Check out this ancient shark...it's always been one of my favorite sharks because of how weird and rare it is. I'm geeking out!

Why the arts matter

A shameful piece of history: a secret French prison camp for artists

The benefits of travel.  In case you needed an excuse to get away. 

A really eye-opening and heart-wrenching account of a woman's postpartum feelings.  Read it, even if you never plan on having kids.  I think many women probably deal with this but feel shame in discussing it.  Hopefully I will be a better friend to my loved ones with new babies now that I am aware of this. 

Oh my, this cake! It's (almost) too cool to eat!

I really love this series of dissected porcelain

This clip about what your favorite perfume as a teen says about you was basically DEAD ON for me! Except my mom finally relented and let me dye my hair pink!

This surprising thing (that I happen to use in ABUNDANCE) indicates whether your tinder messages will lead to love.

On My Bucket List: Visiting places where bioluminescent shrimp or plankton create fairy tale waters.  These photographers captured the beauty of bioluminescence in Japan, and the title of the series is my absolute favorite. 

Ohhhhhh gurllllll.  Brit Brit just released a new single

The New York City Library is moving 15 million books to an underground lair.

Oslo is one of my favorite places EVER. Next time I'm there I'm going to make sure to use this guide to check out some new cool spots!

If you have been following me on Insta you've noticed I've adopted some fun little critters lately. I'm going to use this as a guide for when they start to pupate! Hopefully it works! (comment below if you have any advice!)