Hi, friends!  Have I ever mentioned my addiction to Instagram?  If you've followed me for about a year, you probably know the answer to that, as I used to have a weekly post completely dedicated to my favorite InstaShots every Monday.  Alas, I'm apparently the queen of inconsistency (it's my ADHD, I swear!), and that project ended after I got myself temporarily blocked on the 'Gram by asking artists permission to post their work (Sheesh!).  But I still creep the thing ALL. THE. TIME.  I scroll as I wake up and attempt to drag myself out of bed in the morning... I scroll while I wait in line at the grocery store... I scroll as I wait for pasta water to boil... I scroll probably too much....but I can justify it by telling myself I'm just keeping a steady stream of art and inspiration in my head, rather than merely stalking people's status updates and preggo pictures on the other social media forums. Wayyy more productive, if you ask me!

But I love Instagram so much and find so much joy and inspiration in it that I can't help but want to share it!  So I'm kickin' a new InstaLove project into gear!  It won't be as frequent as my last InstaAttempt, but it will still showcase the newest accounts I've started following, as well as some of my old faves!  I hope you love them as much as I do and maybe even find your own bits of inspiration throughout! :*

(click images to be taken to accounts)

This Girl is a Squirrel. 

Because, come on! It's a little rescued squirrel and her adorable squirrelly life! (And because I've always wanted my own squirrel...)

Desserted In Paris

This dude matches his fancy Parisian desserts to his shoe outfits.  Dreamy.

Linda Hong.

Her adorable illustrations bring me so much joy.  I love that she adds little toots to them!  It's cute without being gross!  Plus, she just had the coolest wedding.  You have to check out her account, if not for the art at least to see how she did her hair for her big day!

Kiana Underwood.

Glorious, glorious florals.  A daily dose of beauty.

Twist Me Pretty.

I almost didn't follow this account because I'm a bad person and could care less about pictures of people's kids (so sue me!), but this girl is my exception! Her hair tutorials make me swoon, she's frickin' GORGEOUS, her style rocks, and the pictures she does post of her kids make even grinchy old me say "aww". :P

One Teacher's Style. 

Cool outfits and budget friendly ideas.  Need I say more?


Are there any Instagram accounts you've been obsessed with lately? I want to know!  Share the love!