Time Well Wasted

Happy Friday my friends!  Any big plans for the weekend?  

image via Gather + Dine 

image via Gather + Dine 

Just a few things for you today, but they're good!


I'm seriously IN LOVE with this.  I'm totally tempted to do it, too!  If you want to join in sharing the love, check out her site here!  Any takers?  I'm thinking a valentine-making party might be in order...!

My newest favorite Instagram accounts and hashtags to follow:  

Valentine's Day is coming!  Don't forget to get cards for all the people you love and appreciate!  In fact, get some of these

Did you know that there's an opposite of shadenfreude?  (this is shadenfreude)  Let's all practice this a little bit more! 

If you're as geeked as I am about the Better Call Saul series coming soon, here's a sneaky peak at the Better Call Saul comic

Apparently, I've got to add Copenhagen's Superkilen park to my list of places I MUST visit


Have a super weekend ya'll!