2015, Bring It On!

Can you believe it's already a week into the new year?!  With the holidays now but mere memories (sigh), I have begun to put the decorations away, to sweep up the confetti (and pine needles), to try to remember to write “2015” as the date on things , to make a renewed effort to improve....  

I haven't always bought into the idea of New Year's Resolutions (instead preferring to subscribe to a year-round effort toward self-reflection and improvement) , but I decided this year to make a few.  I even wrote them down in my new fancy 2015 planner:

  • Limit snacking.
  • Get active!
  • Keep moving upward and onward with B&L.  Stay positive and confident and take more risks.
  • Eliminate the unnecessary. 

Cliché as it may be, I need to get back on track with my diet and activity.  It's so hard to maintain any sliver of motivation to get out and active when the temperatures are frigid, but with recent hip pain and a back strain I suffered last weekend, it's become strikingly clear to me that I need to be better to my body so it can stay good to me.  Regardless of wanting to tone and trim up, I saw into the future to potential hip replacements and chronic pain -- and it scared me.  I'm only in my twenties (too young for problems like this! or so I thought) but it became really real to me that I need to step up my level of activity or suffer the consequences.  Along with upping my activity, I need to stop snacking!  I eat really well, but I seriously need to stop my nighttime trips to the cabinets.  I suspect I'm a bored or tired eater and the longer I stay up the more I find myself nibbling.  I try to snack well, but snacks are snacks, and I need to become more diligent about eating food that will fill me up at dinner so I don't keep returning to the kitchen all evening.  My weight has fluctuated since my early twenties, and looking back I find my weight increases are usually due to these two factors.  So here's to getting moving and cutting down on the munchies!  I've gotta make this body last!

Bert&Lou has been steadily growing, but I want it to be better than ever in 2015!  I want to know what you want from me, what improvements or changes I can make, what I can do to serve my audience and customers better!  Over the next few months I will be debuting more designs in the shops, as well as a few concepts I will need your feedback on.  Stay tuned for these changes--I can't wait to hear your thoughts on them!

The last resolution on my mini list is an experiment: Eliminate the Unnecessary.  I live with The Man Who Gets Rid of Everything (don't even get me started on how he goes on mass purges throughout the house...usually of things we still need!) and have recently become rather enamored with the blog, Reading My Tea Leaves.  On her blog, Erin writes about her continuing efforts to live a simpler, more minimal life.  Inspired by this, I'm feeling motivated to also approach life from a more simplistic point of view and to pare down in areas where I have more than I need.  This is going to be a challenge for me because as a creative I tend to find inspiration in tons of stuff.  I have an eclectic design aesthetic and knick knacks seem to just find me.  Growing up, I was taught to never waste anything, so I'll hang onto the odd box, ribbon, or half-full jar of who-knows-what with the intention of being able to use it later on (do I sound like a hoarder? I swear I'm not a hoarder...).  In fact, I deal with a good amount of guilt about getting rid of something that can be reused or is not yet empty.  My goal is to find a happy medium between this urge to use up every last drop and a need for simplification.  I am already aware that there are two areas I'm not sure I can cut down on: my collection of mugs and tea cups and my books.  I'll give it a shot, but I make no promises.  I figure if I streamline elsewhere, I can allow myself the mugs and books! 

I know these resolutions are by no means groundbreaking (shocker), but to put them into use and for them to turn into healthy habits is good enough for me.  If anyone would like to join me in refreshing your lifestyle and getting a reboot for the new year, I invite you!  I will be checking in over the course of the next few weeks with recipes, tips, and ideas from my road-to-wellness and self-improvement.

I would love to hear from you too!  What are some lifestyle changes you’re making this year?  Any unique resolutions on your list this time around?

Here's to a year filled with dreams, goals, laughter and light.  Stop wondering what 2015 will bring to you and start dreaming about what you will bring to it!