Valentines Are In!

I adore Valentine's Day.  I always have.  You'll probably never find me being a V-day party pooper.   In grade school I loved making and decorating my Valentine's "mailbox" out of an empty tissue box (DIY forevahhh!) and a crap ton of glitter.  I loved picking out my valentines each year-- I'd mix things up, sometimes going with scratch n' sniff, sometimes Disney Princesses, usually attached to some stale candy.  I still cherish some of the valentines I received back in yonder years, many of which are adorable reminders of my silly kid self.  Now that I'm older I love making Valentines for the ones I love.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m searching for that perfect Valentine’s card for that special someone, the greeting card aisle of the grocery store never really seems to cut it, don't you think?  Convenient though it may be, this mass of indistinguishable, dime-a-dozen hearts, teddy bears, and chocolate boxes leaves a lot to be desired — especially if you want your sentiments to feel personal. Why settle for generic when the person (or people!) you love deserves something special?  If the greeting card aisle is finding you equally uninspired this year, I've got a batch of some extra special Valentines that are sure to get a smile from your loved ones.  Each card features a hand-painted design by yours truly, and they have been printed in limited quantities, so you can rest assured that your loved one is getting something awesome, artsy and one-of-a-kind.  I believe that it is important to send valentines to every person you love, not just a significant other, so swing by and stock up for your grandma, your best friend, your favorite teacher...whoever!  They are truly perfect for when ordinary just won’t do.  :)

All cards are available here, so head over and get yours now before they're all gone!