LGBT Wedding Resources

Hooray for progress!  In celebration of the marriage-bans in Wisconsin and Indiana being judged unconstitutional (read about it here or here), I've collected a few blogs that I frequent, as well as a couple websites that offer excellent resources for same-sex couples looking to plan their big day.  From tips on planning a wedding to honeymoon deals and gorgeous photos from real LGBT marriages, the following sites are great places to add to your bookmarks bar.  For the record, I have immense respect for the wedding blogs giving equal attention to gay and straight relationships and weddings.  Because, really, LOVE is LOVE.  And genuine, authentic love is beautiful.  Today's ruling adds to the growing legal momentum for marriage equality across the country.   Michael Tarm says in this article on, there are "bad traditions that are historical realities such as cannibalism, foot-binding, and suttee, and traditions that ... are neither good nor bad — such as trick-or-treating on Halloween," the ruling says. "Tradition per se therefore cannot be a lawful ground for discrimination — regardless of the age of the tradition."


Click through the images to go directly to the sites and browse away!

I'm sure there are countless others, but these are the ones I enjoy the most!  Feel free to share other resources you might know about in the comment section! 

Have a super weekend! 

xo Britta