Time Well Wasted

Happy Friday friends!


Sorry for posting so late today, you guys.  I'm out in the 'burbs to hang with my favorite person in the whole wide world--my sister!  She's in town this weekend so I packed my bags and am staying at my dad's for a few days.  I can't wait for brunch and shopping and coffee shops and my dad's lasagna and getting dunkin donuts pumpkin coffee and giggling about silly stupid things and everything I do with my sister that makes our relationship the best EVER.  

If you're counting down the minutes until your weekend begins, here's some good stuff to fill the time.  Otherwise give these links a looksie over the weekend while you chill with a hot cocoa and some snuggly socks.  :)

This time lapse of a jaw-dropping cloud formation makes you feel like your underwater! 

Sculptural art Makers over at One King's Lane.

I'm never one to turn down sweets--These mini eyeball cakes look like the perfect spooky treat!

Ha!  It looks like I'm not the only one with a thing for green right now! 

A pumpkin spice wardrobe, perfect for fall.  I'm coveting those JCrew pants and the MSGM dress  :)

This is so funny!  I have watched it repeatedly .


Have a great weekend!  See ya'll Monday!