Well Hello, September

It's officially here.  

September.  A month of cooler nights and still warm days.  Of breaking out the sweaters and retiring the iced tea pitcher.  Of apple picking and cider donuts.  There is just something about the beginning of fall that I find really rejuvenating.  I'd be tempted to say this is my favorite month of the year (but I have commitment problems, so I can't quite say it is for certain...).  

So BIG news.  I'm changing the direction of this blog ever so slightly from exclusively weddings to one of lifestyle and weddings.  It just makes too much sense not to.  (here's my reasoning:)

Bert&Lou was born out of a desire to share beautiful weddings and their special details. Because I regularly work with brides, it only makes sense that weddings and their art and details would be a major part of my life, as well as of this blog.  My plan has always been to exclusively share real weddings and engagement shoots, inspiration, and wedding planning tips. But lately I have felt like something was missing.

There’s so much more to my life than just weddings. I love art and photography, shopping and talking about life.  I am inspired by home decor, color, cakes and and traveling (to name just a few!). Never mind the fact that I’m not married, or even engaged!! So I've decided I need to round out the blog. I want this little corner of online space I've carved out to inspire all people!  I want single girls (like me), newly wedded wives, and everyone in between to be able to come here and find inspiration.  By only being a wedding blog (a place for the engaged girl to come and get tips, ideas, and inspiration for her wedding day) I felt I wasn't being truly authentic to who I was and what Bert&Lou should be.

So here we begin the new and improved Bert&Lou!  Weddings will still be featured frequently (because with weddings there is truly so much to be inspired by!), but from now on you will also be able to find more DIYs, recipes, fashion, shopping, and other inspiring stuff!

I hope you enjoy the changes.  Your comments and feedback are always welcomed!  I hope this marks the beginning of bigger and better thing for us!  :)