Best Cafés in the Country

What the---?!  Two posts in one day?!?!  Yup.  That's just how much I love National Coffee Day (even though I'm usually a tea-drinker)!  I might be a bad Swede and not drink multiple cups of black coffee every day, but I still majorly appreciate the stuff (although usually with a lot more cream and sugar and syrupy flavoring).  The smell of coffee is one of my ultimate all-time favorites.  It brings me instantaneously to waking up on a weekend morning and my parents talking quietly so as not to wake me and my sister, to camping while growing up in Colorado and the smell of freshly brewing coffee sitting on the campfire, to dinner with great friends in Skudeneshavn, Norway, where they follow up supper with at least one cup of excellent coffee... Perhaps due to such pleasant memories and fond coffee associations, I also love coffee shoppes possibly more than any other food-ish establishment.  So in celebration of this deliciously addictive bean-water (my mom hates when I call it that--ha!), below is my own personal list for the best coffee shops and destinations to check out around the country:

What's your favorite caffeination station? Let's meet for a cup and convo!