Skulls as Décor

It's officially the countdown to Halloween.

Third Eye by Basquiat.  via

Third Eye by Basquiat. via

Call me a weirdo, but I've always been attracted to skulls.  As a kid growing up in Colorado I had a little shelf devoted to my nature finds, many of which were little found animal skulls.  In high school I dyed my hair pink and wore skull wristbands (I was so punk rock, I know).  As a grown up I buy skull art from my world travels.  I believe this skully-appreciation is assisted by the fact that as an artist I have a well-developed appreciation for the curvature as well as the highlights and shadows of a skull.  I really respect a well painted or photographed skull.  There is an essence to them.  Some sort of personality exists within each skull.  Perhaps due to this, I am also partial to skulls as home décor.  Now, you might be surprised to learn that I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween.  I just don't really care much for over-done ghoulish decorations and an overabundance of that fake spider webbing that you can never fully peal out of your bushes.  I don't love getting dressed up or kids ringing my doorbell.  I appreciate Halloween for two things: 

  • Easy access to a crap-ton of candy in the grocery store,
  • Skull decor available at places I normally shop.

I have a few really cool hand-painted skulls that I've picked up on trips to Mexico displayed on a bookshelf and a jade skull from studying abroad in Taiwan, but am always open to add more to my collection.  Lately I have my eye on a carved stone or quartz skull.  Below are some of my favorites, including some more morbid Halloween-y options like a bleeding skull candle and a fancy flocked throw pillow to add a little pizazz to your Halloween fête.  

clockwise from top left:  pillow ,  dinner plate ,  tea towel ,  chalkboard skull   (for leaving cryptic messages to your lover),   ceramic planter  .

clockwise from top left: pillowdinner platetea towelchalkboard skull (for leaving cryptic messages to your lover), ceramic planter.

Remember!  Skulls don't have to be saved for Halloween!  They add a little mystery and intrigue to any home.  I’ve seen some really beautiful decorating with filigree skulls or skull etched martini glassware.  A gold skull looks chic and glam on bar cart, bookcase or coffee table tray and I love the rustic-eclectic touch a found or flea marketed animal skull adds to a wall or a shelf.  

Make sure you take advantage of the season and pick up your own skull decorative piece.  After all, they're not just for witches and Hot Topic-shoppers!  

Have your own cool skull art or relics?  I want to see 'em!!!!