I Love: Teal

Teal, luscious teal.


Holy moly, ya'll.  I LOVE teal.  Remember that "green thing" I had going on where everything I was attracted to was green??  Well, it's fine-tuned itself into a straight OBSESSION with teal.  I can't slow down!  It's such a saturated, sultry color and is so perfect for fall.  I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I now have in my possession a teal purse, teal nail polish, teal bed sheets, a teal sweater, two teal dresses, a teal lace bralette, and an ever-growing wish list of teal beauties.  Below are some of my ultimate favorites:


Teal weddings!  

I adore that vibrant red lipstick color with that shade of blue-green and can not get over the sequin dress!  Breathtaking!

1 ,  2 .

1, 2.

I'm pretty sure my closet don't need anymore teal sweaters or dresses, but a blazer sure would look sharp...

That purse (below) is my new go-to fall purse.  It's the perfect size, I get tons of compliments on it, and it was totally affordable!  I've also been wearing a different, slightly darker teal nail polish (Revlon Nail Laquer in Fashionista) than the one shown here.

Teal adds a nice kick of color to your outfit (see what I did there?).

H  is ,  H  ers .

If only these teal homewares were within my budget.  Both conjure up major cozy-time inspiration.  Sigh....

Oh my lord, this room.  I love the pairing with banana leaves and dark wood.

...Or this chair and spotty rug!


I can totally justify purchasing this teal cabinet to use as a tea and coffee station in my kitchen, or to store important things like shipping station supplies for my shop.

What is it about huge green leaves and that teal that is so alluring???  Good grief!

Sweet teal perfection.  That  flower pot and chair . 

Sweet teal perfection.  That flower pot and chair

Last but not least, a dreamy wish list splurge.  What a beaut.

I'd like to point out I am also obsessed with the shades of wine and tweedy grey lately.  All three colors are finding their way into so many of my purchases and so much of my art.  It's got to be a fall thing!


What colors are you obsessed with?