Inspired by: Crystals

Lately I've been feelin' the hippie vibe and am all over crystals.  Their rough, organic glitz really appeals to me-- it's the perfect marriage of sparkly and earthy.  

(image found  via --if you know the original source, tell me!)

(image found via--if you know the original source, tell me!)

Like many 90s kids, I went briefly insane for the power bead trend back in middle school (don't act like you didn't) and have always been a fan of minerals and stones as home decor and accessories.  Whether they're smoothly polished or rough around the edges, precious stones just add a little something special and unexpected to your space.  I'm not sure I fully believe in their healing and cleansing properties, but I'd certainly like to!  Mystical healers or not, these items are certain to brighten your day:

I'll take one of each, please!