The Best Fall Candles

Yes, it's that time of year again.  Time for me to purchase an extreme overabundance of candles.  It's weird, I only do this during the fall.  It's like I'm hoarding them like a squirrel hoards acorns.  Instead of my internal clock telling me it's time to have babies (or whatever your internal clock tells you to do), it tells me it's time to buy candles, boots, and sweaters in quantities nobody truly needs.  I think my body is subconsciously preparing to hibernate.  I can never resist the scents of campfires, walks in the woods, chai lattes and warming spices.  They evoke the coziest time of year, and I feel extra cozy with a candle burning while I work or sip tea and snuggle in a wooly blanket with a good book.  Because fall is definitely candle season, I've gathered up my top picks to fill your home with the sweet odeurs of autumn.

What are your favorite fall scents?  Tobacco?  Leaves?  Moss?  French Vanilla?  It's all so cozy and inspiring!