Great Sources for Affordable Art

I'm in the process of converting my tiny apartment's "2nd bedroom" (the glass french doors make it more of a sun/reading room and less of a space with any privacy) into a workable office and am in dire need of some serious wall-sprucing.  Living with the boyfriend (whose default wall color preference is any and every shade of taupey brown) means I have to come up with a compromise between his stark minimalist decorating approach and my my wildly colorful/eclectic one.  I'm also working on a budget (duhh), so I've scoured the interwebs for the best affordable art.  I've collected my favorites below (how on earth will I ever choose?!) and attached links for those of you who might be in the market for some new wall decor.  

  • You can purchase an outstanding range of art and photography for as low as $25 at  Such a steal! 
  • 20x200, named for the price range of their art: $20 to $200 offers excellent options for every budget.
  • Hey, I have work here! :)  Society6 is the bomb for affordable art prints.  You can even get your favorite art as pillows, clocks, phone name it!
  • How could you not love everything featured in The Animal Print Shop?  
  • Fiber art and wall hangings on Etsy.
  • A site that's a little hippie-dippie, a lot cool: Little Paper Planes
  • has a pretty massive selection of commercially appealing art.  You won't find anything super "artsy" on it, but there is a ton of quote-art and cute stuff.
  • Scoutmob offers excellent art and photographic prints from like likes of Lily and Val and Lintonart, two of my favorite Makers.
  • Print-your-own art from Etsy
  • The ever-popular Rifle Paper and Co. releases new art all the time.  I'm totally buying this wall calendar! 
  • Brit+Co has a sweet selection of graphic and typographic art.  Great for a dose of inspiration or motivation, and it's all majorly affordable! 
  • I just LOVE how positively cheerful and uplifting everything in Christopher David Ryan's shop is!
  • Abstract art on Etsy.
  • MoMA Store (the Museum of Modern Art) has some great prints from recognizably classic artists like Manet, Warhol, Van Gogh and one of my all-time favorite artists, Cy Twombly.
  • So cool, the Tappan Collective features emerging artists and offers an opportunity to collect original artwork and exclusive limited edition prints.  I LOVE the selection and creep their site regularly.
  • Etsy.
  • UGallery releases new art every week so you can have a constant flow of conversation starters on your walls!
  • Whisper Editions, an online gallery that collaborates with artists to create original works in limited quantities ensures you get something very special and not widely available (your friends will be jealous!).
  • One of my absolute favorites, Tiny Showcase releases a limited edition piece every Tuesday.  The best part: a portion of the proceeds are donated to the "charity of the week"--a charity chosen by each week's featured artist!
  • Eye Buy Art showcases a lot of modern/contemporary photography and art.  It's a great resource if you are a fan of digital, collage, or multimedia art.


A few other arty places I'm digging are:

  • Cool literary art at Book/Shop.  Your "library" needs it.
  • Etsy! You maybe have noticed an abundance of Etsy links above.  It's because it's an awesome place to support artists and the prices are very often super reasonable!  Some of my favorite Etsy artists are Kari Herer, Lola Donaghue, Elena Petrova, and Tinarosa Tam of ColorZen.  Shops like Printable Wisdom are great, too, because you can choose what you like and print it yourself.  It's crazy affordable, so you can blow your cash on a sweet frame instead. 
  • Browse through the bright and colorful retro graphics at Inaluxe, an Australian design studio. 
  • Colossal Shop regularly updates their featured contemporary artist section and the prices are very affordable. 
  • Domino, my favorite place to admire out-of-my-budget home goods, actually has a somewhat reasonable art section.  Their prices are higher than most of the other shops I've listed, but they have a really beautiful selection, so you're bound to find something that's a worthy home investment. 

I am sure there are countless other fantastic places to purchase affordable and cool art.  Do you know of a good art store that I missed?  Tell me about it in the comments!