Great Makers: Coral & Tusk

I LOVE stumbling upon new makers and creative companies.  I happened upon Coral and Tusk while browsing through some of the vendors at last year's National Stationary Show and absolutely adore their goods!  Their laser-cut cards are super cute but I am dying for their embroidered stuff!  It's literally impossible for me to narrow down my favorites, I want it all!  Here are a few that especially caught my eye:

This pillow would look so great on my couch.  So would this one.  I'd like this bolster for my reading chair, and I'd put this cheeky little lemur in my office above my desk  And while I'm at it, this pillow with a little fennec fox is just too cute.  Ok fine, and this berber indigo pillow

My favorite part is that Coral and Tusk is really in touch with the hand-made factor. The founder, Stephanie, first sketches out her darling little designs, then painstakingly converts it (stitch by stitch, I might add!) into a computer program that then allows her to machine-embroider the pillows, napkins, artwork, etc.  The company is run by Stephanie and her husband, Chris, and with the help of a small team all goods are hand-finished in their Brooklyn loft.  Dreamy!  


Are there any independent makers that you think deserve some special attention?  Message me through my contact page or leave me a note in the comments!  I can't wait to hear from you!