It officially feels like fall when I get to go apple picking.   


This past weekend I hopped in the car and drove away from the chaos and noise of the city and into semi-rural Illinois for some good ol' fashioned apple picking with my mom and boyfriend.  I can't believe how picked over the orchards were already!  I feel like apples just came into season around here...and the picking season is practically over!  Great things are always so fleeting, aren't they?  I picked some delicious Jonamac apples and spent wayyy too much money in the orchard shop on cider, donuts, jams, honey, you name it.  It's crazy that the place I've gone to for ever is suddenly this enormous enterprise with so much more stuff.  They went from this sweet, tiny little family farm and orchard to a giant endeavor.  I'm a loyal girl and have gone to this place for years as a fall tradition, but I sure do miss the charm it had when it was smaller and less overrun by people (stealing all my good apples! ha!).

Because it isn't truly fall without apples, I've added a new invitation and greeting card in my shop featuring a watercolor apple garland.  The colors of the fruit just make me so happy!  Swing on by and order yourself a stack to send to your friends and family!  :)

Stay Inspired!

xo   Britta