Time Well Wasted

Happy Friday!  


Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?  The weather has warmed up into the low 70's here so I'm going to head out and enjoy the temps before they fall again.  There's a few festivals I've got my eye on: The Andersonville City Made Fest is right up my alley, this Apple Fest looks fun and mellow, (but I picked enough apples last weekend to last a month!), and what's not to love about a fall Beer Fest? For any of my readers who live in the Chicagoland area, maybe I'll see you at one of these!

I've rounded up some of this week's internet goodies for some work distractions.  It's friday, give yourself a break! 

Awesome street murals in my favorite country--Norway!

A happy, bouncy pup.

Great news for animal rights: the FBI is now going to track animal cruelty cases.

I'm loving the free desktop and iPhone wallpapers over at Creature Comforts.  They make great motivational reminders!

How is this child so damn dapper?!

I NEED this lamp. It's not debatable. 

With it getting darker and darker in the mornings, this soap is perfect for a morning boost! 

Get crafty this weekend with an easy fall mason jar DIY.

Waste some time and be transported while browsing through these pictures that truly encapsulate the essence of summer.

It's hard not to be happy while scoping through the most colorful buildings in the world!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Stay Inspired!

xo    Britta