I Love Figs

I live for fig season.  

Unfortunately, in the Windy City they are somewhat hard to come by.  Usually my local Whole Foods will stock them briefly at the end of the summer and I assume they are at a farmers' market somewhere but I have yet to find one that carries them... Needless to say when they're here I buy them in bulk.  I always mean to try out fig recipes, too, but the little fruits are just so yummy to snack on that my (overflowing) bowls of figs rarely make it long enough for me to execute said recipe.  If I ever do make it that far (I am making no promises), below are some of the ways I plan on preparing them:

Floating in champagne or perhaps some moscato

In a tart (here's the recipe I'd use)

image  1,   2

image 1, 2

If I'm feeling really fancy maybe I'll whip up this pistachio and rosewater pavlova with figs

Grilled.  Stuffed with brie.  Drizzled with honey.  Lord.  Doesn't that just make your mouth water???

Figs are such a gorgeous little fruit.  I can't help but admire their juicy little insides.  

Painting by me, 2010

Painting by me, 2010

Do you have a favorite fig recipe?  Do share in the comments section below!