As with many things and for reasons totally unknown to me, I am finding out about the wedding ring selfie after it's apparently been going on for a bit.  Otherwise known as a #relfie it technically stands for a "relationship selfie".  I'd really rather it stand for "ring selfie" because let's get real, that's what makes the most sense (and what I want to see more)!  Well in this case, a "relfie" is literally just that: a pic of your fancy new bling.  Of course upon discovering this new hashtag I had to do some sleuthing on Instagram.  As my boyfriend likes to tell me, "The Ring" is hyper-glorified and he (and apparently other males) hates that.  He claims that all women care about is flashing their new sparkler and the man who gave it to them goes by the wayside (I think he just wishes HE could get a ring that's as awesome... and all the attention that ensues. But that's just me). In a way I agree that sometimes the relationship and meaning behind the ring get a little--shall we say--overshadowed by the excitement of the bling, but as someone who has worked for numerous weddings, I think a few ring pics are absolutely acceptable and even truly welcomed because they DO represent a commitment and can really be a reflection of the couple itself.  But really any ring pic, especially a #relfie, is taken because the ring is exciting!  It represents a level of grown up-ness and means someone wants to spend the rest of their life with you!  (The fact that it makes any girl feel like a princess might add to the appeal, i dunno just sayin').  In the case of these #relfies I think you (and my boyfriend) would agree that they beautifully and creatively showcase the ring as well as the personality of the wearer.  Ladies, let that Bling shine! 

@foodintheair found via  Refinery29

@foodintheair found via Refinery29

How do YOU feel about the #relfie trend? I can't wait to hear your opinions!