InstagraMonday: Summer Sweetness

Happy InstagraMonday, everyone!  I'm starting this section to add a little something special to your usual Monday routine (I know I could use it!) This InstagraMonday is entirely composed of images that I find really capture the essence of summer.  Each photograph is able to encompass the ethereal feelings of summer: the light; the colors; the experiences.  I'm trying to soak it all up before it's gone, what about you?  Make sure to click through and check out each Instagrammer's account---their work is just beautiful!  

Photo by   @amytoensing   (Amy Toensing).  Image found via  @Natgeo

Photo by @amytoensing (Amy Toensing).  Image found via @Natgeo

Have your own summery pictures? Link to 'em in the comment section below!