Happy Friday!

Happy Friday ya'll!.  I'm spending this weekend getting ready for a much-needed vacation and enjoying some of this fall-feeling weather.  It's bittersweet, though.  Summer is coming to an end and you can feel it in the chillier mornings and evenings, as well as the angle of the sun.  Things have a much more golden cast than in midsummer when colors pop with clarity.  I am looking forward to sweaters and boots, sipping chai lattes, apple picking and the abundance of saturated gem tones, but that also means winter is on it's way and I really would rather skip that season in Chicago.  Alas, the world keeps turning and seasons come and go.  Best to enjoy each moment as it happens and savor life's details. :)

image:  chest

image: chest

I found this great little article on Lover.ly and wanted to share it with you guys.  Hop on over to read 10 tips from a 1913 marriage manual that are still relevant today.  Gotta love old-timey advice you can still put to good use! 

Enjoy the weekend, loves!  See you next week!

from my  instagram

from my instagram