Last-Minute Gifts for You Rotten Procrastinators

Happy Yuletide!  It's the winter solstice and here in Chicago we haven't seen the sun for I don't even now how long.  It's the shortest day and longest night of the year, but today is a day to celebrate, because things will only get brighter from here on out (at least that's what I'm telling myself)!  

image via Wikimedia. 

image via Wikimedia. 

Uh ohhh...  It's December 21st.  Christmas is mere days away.  Did you procrastinate getting gifts for someone on your list?  Is it that person who is downright impossible to shop for and you were hoping something would spontaneously appear, wrapped and with a bow on top?  Maybe it's the brother who travels the world and has every indigenous mask, tapestry, and passport case a person could ever need.  Perhaps it's your mother-in-law who still calls you by the wrong name.  No matter the person, one of these gifts will surely help you out of a jam.  The solution?  One word:  Subscriptions.  They're perfect last minute gifts and can be customized to literally any taste.  Take a looksie, hopefully one of these gift subscriptions will strike your fancy!

  • Not Another Bill. Surprise gifts are sent monthly and vary depending on the recipient's preferences (such as whether they like homewares, desk supplies, jewelry, etc.).
  • Heartbreak Coffee.  Great for the coffee addict.  Monthly and bi-monthly options available. 
  • Misto Box.  Another coffee subscription with more personalized options. 
  • Try The World.  Remember this one?  I previously mentioned Try The World in the Gifts for Travelers section of the B&L Holiday Gift Guide.  Carefully curated gourmand gift boxes are sent each month, each celebrating a different country's best foods. 
  • Turntable Kitchen.   A food and music experience delivered to your mailbox on a monthly basis.
  • Barkbox.  Monthly gift boxes delivered for your furry best friend!
  • Just the Right Book.  Yes! This is awesome!  Just the Right Book curators carefully choose and send books for each reader based upon the reader's interests.  The best part is that if a book is not quite the right "fit", it can be exchanged.  
  • Oyster Books.  An electronic version of a book-a-month subscription, Oyster Books delivers books to tablets and readers.  You can feel extra good knowing a portion of your Oyster subscription goes to the children’s literacy organization Reading Is Fundamental.  Sweet!
  • Pigment+Palette.  Absolutely genius for the starving artist in your life: beautifully crafted, hand-curated boxes of 4-5 trial and full size art supplies. 
  • Level Naturals.  Level is a vegan, gluten and cruelty free, all natural company with a couple different box options, depending on how many goodies you want delivered at a time.  They are also certified by Peta and Leaping Bunny! :)
  • Square Hue.  Three new premium nail polishes are delivered each month.  Oh, heck YEA. 
  • Nature Box.  A box of healthy snacks delivered right to your front step.  You can select your snackie preferences, or leave up to chance and get a monthly surprise.  Oh yeah, and for every box they deliver, they donate one meal through Feeding America®! 
  • Don't forget, magazine subscriptions make nice gifts, too!  There are literally countless options for every interest imaginable, be it cooking, fashion, civil war reenactments, deer-hunting or loom-leaving. 

I hope this leads you in a good direction.  If all else fails, just spray-paint something random gold and call it "festive".  Hey, you can't say I didn't try to help!