Time Well Wasted

Hello my loves!  Here's just a few links to check out while you wait for your coffee to cool down:


Loved this article about the messy minds of creative people--like me! 

MY MY.  I have always said I like my men the way I like my dogs... Meaty and loyal  ;D  (I know, I'm bad).

WOW.  You've got to check this girl out. 

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal, blankie or other special thing?  I'll be honest my old bear has always been a trusty companion, though now he usually chills in my old room and I snuggle with live, warm, furry kitties...but he always joins me when I'm back in my old bed.  I also have the weird old remnants of a silkie "thing".  It started out as a silk nightgown that belonged to my mom, but I got my hands on it as a little squirt (I have a weird tactile-issue and looove soft and silkie things...and I always have) and I'd wear it around, ride my trike in it, do art projects in it....it wound up going with me everywhere when I was little and later turned into something I always kept on my bed.  It, too, stayed in my old bedroom when I moved out, but I honestly kind of miss being able to touch its silky fabric.  Now I don't feel like as much of a weirdo for these things, because it looks like a lot of adults have little sleep-comforts too!

Ha! The world's first bicycle elevator!  San Francisco could use a few of these. Leave it to Norway to be the first :D

I know it's past Holiday card season, but I loved these Cards by Artists.   


Happy Friday!  Stay warm this weekend!