B&L's Great Gifts List - Part 5

Holiday shopping can be stressful.  Sometimes it is necessary to let your inner-child out and just get the fun stuff!  Today I've gathered up gifts for pets, gifts for kids (all the way from in-the-womb to teen years), and last but not least, fun gifts to bring some humor to your holiday.  Enjoy!

Don't forget your furry friends this season!

A little felted stone for hiding, napping, and waiting patiently in to pounce on passing legs.  

Because nothing represents Native American culture better than cats in teepees.

Quite a fetching (haha, get it?) plaid doggy bandana.  Good for the hipster dog in your life.

It's proven that animals are more likely to drink out of a fountain than a standing dish.  Actually, I have no idea if that's proven, but I know my cat loved his water fountain until someone (cough. boyfriend. cough.) didn't keep the water level high enough and it burned out the motor.....now he only drinks from a human cup.  Besides, it filters the water so your sweet doggie or kitty doesn't have to drink slobbery, stagnant water.  I bet they'll appreciate that.

For the ever-devoted pet lover.  Now you can make sure your pup's treats are made with only the most wholesome ingredients!

An American Beagle puffer vest will keep your furry companion toasty warm on trips out in the snow.

If the plaid bandana was a little much for you--or your dog tries to eat bandanas off his neck like mine does--here's a stylish alternative!

Chocolate-covered strawberry squeakers.  For the lover, not the fighter.

Plush donut squeaky toys.  If you've noticed a donut theme throughout this series, you're right

(or, of course, for the kid-at-heart!)

Such a good gift for the expecting mom or the parents with a new baby.  Baby keepsakes are always a good idea.

Jammies in a Jar!  (Jar contains a super cute, super soft onesie.)

Gahh!  Fortune cookie baby booties!  Cute overload!!!

Encourage healthy eating early on with these adorable plush veggie rattles.  My favorite is the little smiling rutabaga. 

This stuffed Abominable Snowman is so cute!  It looks so soft and snugglable (not a word, don't care)!

Play dough made with only natural ingredients and dyes for the budding creative, or the kid who puts everything in their mouth.

These little glowing balls come with a stand to perch upon, but can be removed and used as a sleeping-buddy (shown here), to light the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, or as a nightlight to keep shadow-monsters at bay.

Momiji Dolls have a space for a secret message if you turn them over and they come in tons of cute little characters!

Was anyone else obsessed with freeze-dried "astronaut food" when they were little?  I was obsessed.  I distinctly remember finally convincing my parents to buy me this exact stuff on a trip to the Natural History Museum and being so jazzed up about it, only to realize that it felt so terrible on my teeth when I bit into it and the flavor was so un-ice creamy that I decided then and there to never become an astronaut.  I stand by that decision to this day. 

Whoa!!  Cool!  Kinetic sand!  You can mold it, sculpt it, mess it up....just make sure it's kept in a plastic tub or small sandbox to keep messes at a minimum (I doubt this stuff vacuums out of carpets). 

Hellooo, every kid in school needs at least a few Schmencils.  They come in scents like Tuti Fruti, Root Beer, and Bubble Gum and are made of recycled paper.  Tuck these in your kid's stockings and encourage fun homework time!

Let me just say that I had one of these when I was in elementary school and I made a SHIT TON of pot holders.  You're welcome, Mom and Dad.  In fact, I just found one over Thanksgiving tucked in the far back of a kitchen drawer at my Dad's house.  Good memories...  This is an excellent gift for any sort of crafty-minded kid, and man, it'll keep them busy!  I made potholders on road-trips, around the house, when I was in time-out (I was there a lot.  I don't want to talk about it...) It's like the Rainbow Loom of the 90's.

Perfect for the budding naturalist, this book helps junior wilderness explorers find and identify animal tracks of all sorts.

If iPod speakers are out of the question (wait, do kids even use iPods anymore??), this mini iPhone amplifier is a great option.  Small, portable, and available in fun colors, the only problem with this is you may have to confiscate it in order to get them to join the family for dinner.

Lace these bad boys onto any pair of sneakers and you've got a totally fly pair of kicks (get it? so many puns!)

Not sure what to get your niece who is just entering the teen years and you are pretty sure hates everyone and everything?  Get her this hat.  It's stylish, warm, just a wee bit shimmery, and if she hates it, you can still keep it for yourself (I feel like that's reasonable logic).

A fun, vibrant scarf to keep your kiddos warm at the bus stop.

If you're willing to spend a little more, this robot purse would make an adorable gift to a teen or tween!  

This wine-glass tumbler screams "classy". 

According to the site: "The scent: king of farts - - perfect for that smelly person in your life who maybe needs a subtle hint (or a laugh!). This has some different floral scents mixed with some fresh citrus notes and smells a bit of the ocean."  

These sprays seem to be becoming pretty popular, and I've heard they actually work (not sure how reliable my sources are, though...).  Either way, it's funny and would make a good stocking stuffer or white elephant gift.

Put this in every stocking.  Guaranteed you'll get some laughs.  Bonus: at least one person will actually want to watch it.

Warning:  this is only funny if you give this to someone who can laugh about their tinkle problem.  It's probably great for your cousin who pees a little when she laughs but not for your mother-in-law who pees a little when she laughs.  It would also work for the roommate who pees them self regularly when they're drunk (maybe pair it with a plastic fitted sheet for a fully functioning gift).

These are too cool--Gloves you can make phone calls from!  You might look hilarious using them, but they're still pretty neat and you know people will be jealous.

Umm, no comment.

A great gift for the person with the most random collection of things (and not enough places to put them).

A surprisingly interesting and informative book, this would make a delightful white elephant gift, or perhaps a boost to step up your crazy gifting game with your weird uncle Mo. 

A 90's icons coloring book.  So much greatness.


I can think of a number of people who could (and would) display this above their fireplace or on a mantel.  I might also be one of those people.  

These coasters and potholders would make such a fun, kitschy touch to a kitchen, and they're all handmade (don't forget to support the makers)!

1,   2  

1, 2 

Jelly bean-pooping reindeer and rock-em sock-em punching Santa pens.  Stocking stuffers to please even the most curmudgeony of loved ones. 


Phew!  Are you guys winded yet?  We're almost to the end of the B&L Holiday Gift Guide!  Stay tuned for the final installments and some gifts that give back, a whole bunch of handmade goodies, and great gifts for book lovers and travelers!