The Bert&Lou Holiday Gift Guide - Part 1

You guys didn't think I'd leave you hanging without a special on holiday gifts, did you?!  Well surprise surprise, here it is!  The Official Bert&Lou Holiday Gift Guide has arrived!  Today on Part Uno of the B&L Holiday Gift Guide aka “The Gifts I Want to Give and Also to Be Given so Pay Attention Family and Boyfriend” I've posted my absolute favorite universally-appealing gifts of the season, the best stocking stuffers, and of course my favorite gift-able coffee mugs and tea cups (because I literally cannot limit it to two or three suggestions. It is physically impossible).  Don't forget to stay tuned, too, because I *may* have gone a little buck wild on gifts for the ladies.  There's also a post entirely dedicated to pet gifts....and one to super-hard-to-shop-for men...... and one for all your different types of friends and relatives.   YOLO.   I hope you follow along!

Gifts that are overall just kickass.  

Ron Swanson wisdom.  I need this for my work space.  Everyone does.

These are quite possibly the coolest bookends ever.  You could totally use them displayed sans books as just art objets (as the classy people say). Major WANT. 

Perfectly twinkly earrings for the holidays -- or every day!  I love that these are versatile enough to appeal to fancy ladies as well as t-shirt-and-jeans-girls like me. 

A minimal and lightweight jacket for when you're ready to shred that fresh powdah.

An interestingly appealing combo of metallic and earthy.  These would work with so many different interiors because they kind of match everything!  Pop in a picture and give it to your best girl friend to make her apartment look extra sophisticated.

1 ,  2

1, 2

Because Sweden can do no wrong.   

1 ,  2

1, 2

 Pampering gifts!  Don't forget, everyone loves to be pampered.  Bath goodies, aromatherapy products, and soft blankets are all good gift options, as are fuzzy flippers, a silky robe, massage gift certificates, or a day without the kids!

You don't have to be a pizza-face to benefit from this lovely facial cleanser (but it definitely helps tame grease-balls like me!)

This should be a gifting essential.  What a genius concept.  Tuck it in the stockings of your learners, your explorers, your philanthropists, your teachers, and your loved ones still finding their way in the world.

Because everyone needs a badass camera.  

1 ,  2

1, 2

It seems so far off now, but these would make great gifts for summer adventures.  Those cups would be perfect poolside, camping, or along on a picnic, while that picnic backpack is ideal for outdoor music on the lawn! 

This little thing is freaking genius.  It's called Tile.  You attach it to or put it in things you frequently can't find or want to keep an eye on. Then, if you lose your purse or can't find your keys, all you do is check its app on your smart phone and BAM!  You've found what you're looking for.  Definitely a good gift for the bird brain in your family.

Because donuts make me happy. 

An incredible stitched art piece of Hillary Clinton being a BOSS, as usual.  Give one to every Girl Boss in your life.

Such a beautiful, understated little ring.  It's just lovely.

Tea sets or tea-of-the-month clubs make a great gift for the tea-lover in your family!  They're also good for the picky-poo because then they can choose their favorite and you don't have to worry about the flavor you choose being a big ole FAIL.

There's no such thing as having too many scarves (okay, maybe there is...And I might dangerously toe that scarf-hoarding line), but this just looks so luscious and perfect for snuggling into....GIMME. Gift it to your college-age niece.  She'll appreciate a cozy scarf for walking around campus on chilly days and likely can't afford it for herself!

Cy Twombly is one of my ultimate favorite artists.  This book makes an excellent coffee table book for art lovers.



1 ,  2

1, 2

 Edible gifts!  If you want to break beyond the traditional Hershey's kisses stocking filler, try some gourmet white honey or custom Chai-flavored lollipops! 

1 ,  2

1, 2

These mini nail polishes are exactly the right colors to wear during the holiday season and this lip gloss is one of my favorites (and I'm picky).  It comes in universally flattering shades and smells so juicy!  

Tuck a sparkly mini tea tin into your loved ones' stockings!  These would also make adorable catch-alls for tiny things frequently lost in the depths of a purse or for storing earrings and jewelry while traveling. 

A great gift for the outdoorsy type, the nautical-lover, the ADHD dude.... Guaranteed you know someone who would like practicing their knots. 

Socks.  As a grown up, I finally appreciate getting socks for Christmas.  That's how I know I'm getting boring.  Rag cotton and boot socks are the best.

The best thing about this itty bitty purse is its versatility.  You can give it to the fashionable ten year old in your life, your vintage-loving grandma, and everyone in-between!  It's so universally appealing.  Tuck a little candy or something nice inside for a little extra surprise. :D

Maybe Dad will take the hint and make you pancakes for breakfast!

Washi taaaaape! Teenagers can decorate their binders with it (do teenagers still do that?), entrepreneurs can use it for coding their calendar and files, crafty ladies can use it for darned near anything... I used to think the stuff was overrated but it turns out you really can use washi tape for just about anything.  

I know I'm still a five-year old at heart because I still have the urge to put stickers on everything.  Check out this article about the evolution of emojis.  You'll appreciate them even more. 

I adore these colorful flash drives!

I'm trying to get better about using hair ties like these more often to reduce breakage.  Plus, they're sparkly! 

Dang, these are fancy. I don't even play cards but I'd totally use them.

Show someone you really love them with these grown-up gourmet caramels.  

Because, again, Sweden can do no wrong.  This perfectly sized soap smells slightly minty and contains just the right amount of sea salt for exfoliation and detoxification.  The Scandinavians just know how to do it.  

I'll say it.  I hate lighters.  You can reach further into a candle with matches, anyway.  These are cute enough to display.  Who wants to a display a lighter?  Nobody. 




I've sworn to my boyfriend that I won't bring in any new mugs without getting rid of some to compensate, but it's just so hard!  I choose which mug I'll use depending on my mood, the weather, which drink I'm having...  It's a complicated issue!  I have yet to meet anyone with the same mug and teacup hoarding tendencies that I do, but I'm still holding out hope.  Below are my ultimate favorite mugs of the season. It was hard to narrow it down!

These gorgeous camp-inspired mugs are ceramic and all are handmade by artist Nicholas Newcomb.  I want the whole set!

1 ,  2

1, 2

Starbucks has an abundance of beautiful mugs and commuter cups this holiday season.  I want all of them (but I'd settle for either of these two)!

Gilded swirls for holiday sips.

This teacup just screams "Garden Tea Party"

Beautifully minimal, yet slightly organic

I have a "thing" for anything with this stunning crystal-blue crackle glaze

A ceramic version of that classic NYC coffee cup.  It just makes me think of that line from Elf, "You did it! Congratulations! World's best cup of coffee! Great job, everybody! It's great to be here!"

These are best used while on a porch swing in a cabin in the woods

Check out this Etsy seller for her other gorgeous ceramics! 

Perfect for a case of the Mondays. Or the Fridays.

clockwise from top left:  1 ,  2 ,  3 ,  4

clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3, 4

my holiday faves! 

Click on images and links to buy these goodies! Stay tuned for part Deux, coming soon!