Happy Things

I realized it's been a few weeks since I posted any Happy Things.  I must admit it's getting more challenging with the temperatures dipping lower and lower.  No more weekend brunches outside.  No more warm weather for walks.  No more sun (it's just so dismal and grey).  No more beautiful fall colors.  I will say that as I write this there are some delicate flurries swirling around outside that made my heart flutter a wee bit when I first saw them.  That first snow of the year really is something special (no matter how much I might complain after that).  My goal is to be more upbeat about winter and stop being such a turd.  Nobody likes a complainer, right?!  As my mom always says, "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes".  Typical Swede.  :)

One Happy Thing for this week is this pretty door I found while on a walk.  I love it's folksy, sort of Scandinavian design.  The elementary school it decorates also has a fun cartoonish mural with kids and dogs playing along one wall.  It's details like this that truly enhance a space, particularly one in the city.  Art breaks up the monotony of all that concrete.  


My second Happy Thing consists of my visit to the SOFA show at Navy Pier last weekend.  For those of you who think it's a couch expo (cough, my boyfriend), SOFA stands for Sculpture and Objects of Functional Art.  I've attended in the past but it has been a few years since my last visit.  Now I wish I'd been more diligent about going!  The art was stupendous!  I can't even pin down my favorites.  I loved sculpted glass orchids, I loved filigree-like cast glass vessels, I loved ceramic birds, I loved sculpted jewelry that reminded me of the underside of woodland mushrooms...  Ai Wei Wei, my favorite Chinese dissident artist had a piece in the show.  Dale Chihuly, my favorite one-eyed glass blower has had work displayed in the past.  I just wish I'd had more time to go through slowly enough to truly absorb and experience each booth's art.  

As you can probably already tell from my previous posts (like this one), I have a real soft spot for glass demos.  The reason I didn't have quite enough time to really connect with all the pieces at the show was that I spent the first hour or so I was there totally enraptured by a glass blowing demo.  The demo was hosted by the Corning Museum of Glass and featured Oslo-based artist Vidar Koksvik, who demonstrated the technique of caning and created the most phenomenal vessel right in front of our eyes!  I'm always so hypnotized by the molten and malleable glass.  Unlike clay or most paint, glass really determines the pace the artist works at and I really respect that.  If you don't work at the proper speed your piece will cool off and won't turn out right.  It's such a fluid medium and there is so much risk in it...any time during the creation process a slip of the hand or minute mistake will shatter and ruin the entire thing.  I have immense respect for artists who have such excellent finesse with it!

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