Time Well Wasted

Man, this week went by so fast.  I know it's because I took a few days to head down to visit my sister for her birthday--time always flies when you're having fun!  Weirdly, I am really looking forward to having time to take care of stuff around the house this weekend.  Because of my mini-cation, my to-do list grew while I was gone.  Here are a few of my weekend goals: do as many loads of laundry as possible, send some new card designs to the printer (I'm so excited!), meet up for dinner with friends from out of state, plan yummy meals for next week, go grocery shopping, work on blog posts, start working on special DIY Christmas presents, catch up on some reading, and finish up a few paintings.  What's on your to-do list this weekend?

As usual, here are some links for some Time Well Wasted:

Solange Knowles' wedding was a sartorial DREAM.  The girl loves her capes--- and she works 'em!

I love love LOVE these yarn-bombed statues in Oregon!  They make me smile and put me in the holiday spirit!

What city does your style say you should live in?  Mine was Portland--I'm totally not surprised! 

I'm really glad some stores are allowing their employees to have their whole Thanksgiving off.  I will never shop on Thanksgiving, and have decided I won't shop on Black Friday this year or from here on out in order to show my support for the cause.  People deserve to spend holiday time with their families!  Having worked on Black Friday many times in the past, I can attest that it's miserable.  Having the people you love finally all around you and having to leave them and go spend your day preparing for and in the middle of a shopping frenzy flippin blows

First there was a firey hell pit, now this.  All I can say is "whoa". 

This is just too darn cute

I laughed so hard at this I died (well not literally, because I'm here to tell you that I did).  STRAIGHT HILARIOUS.  I read it in my own voice -- it's so weirdly me.