Happy Things Thursday

Hellooo my fine friends.  This week has been gorgeous and autumny (officially a new adjective) here in Chi Town.  I'm so behind on all my work I'm scrambling to meet my weekend deadlines.  First I took the entire weekend (and then some) off to spend with my beautiful sister (totally worth it, though).  Then my internet went out.  Poop City.  Sooo I've spent way more time getting the rest of my shop's holiday cards ready, packaging ordered, glasses finished and photographed, commissions worked on, (you get the picture) than collecting Happy Things.  I have one for the week, which considering I was gone for more than half of it is alright I think.  Besides, I've been in my happy land working on art and my itty bitty little business, so it's okay.  


A mini mural on the outside of some El tracks in the Loop.  An unexpected slice of color in the concrete jungle.  I love city art, especially when it pops out at you from out of nowhere. 

What are you inspired by this week?  What are your Happy Things?