B&L's Great Gifts List - Part Deux

Welcome back for the second installment in the Bert&Lou Holiday Gift Guide!  Today I've picked the very best gifts for all your girls.  I've split it into two very general categories of Gifts for the Fancy Lady and Gifts for the Domestic Type, but your average woman is likely a bit of both!  If none of these girly things suit your gifting fancy, make sure to stay tuned.  I promise you there will be gifts for dudes, gifts for pets, gifts for readers, gifts for explorers.... let's just say there are a lot of goodies to come!  Now without further ado, here is part deux!

A cheerful phone case will brighten anyone's day! 

Every fancy lady needs a classy set of drink ware.  This set of rose glasses with gilded rims is the ultimate.

Clockwise from top:  1 ,  2 ,  3

Clockwise from top: 1, 2, 3

Fancy ladies know the importance of a good set of makeup.  A versatile eye palette, a set of golden brushes, and a decadent berry lip are all a fancy lady needs to look gorgeous day and night.  


Gilded leopard coasters.  Over the top?!  Nahhh!

Rose gold and sparkly gems work for holiday parties and daily wear.

Every woman needs a pair of nice, dressy gloves.

1 ,  2  

1, 2 

A sparkly, polka-dotty version of the plain ol' dopp kit makes traveling a little more fantastic.

This is such a genius idea, I can barely stand it. From their website:

“Our debut signature scent for our Cocktail Candles called “Prosecco.” This scent has top notes of prosecco, citrus, mint, and spice with undertones of cedar wood, vanilla, and white musk.

Once you’ve completely burned your candle, after enjoying this delicious scent, place your used candle into the freezer and leave for 12 hours. Remove from freezer and the wax will easily pop out. Wash with warm water and soap to reveal your new cocktail glass. The glass should always be hand washed after use.”

So basically its an amazing-smelling candle that once you have used it up turns into a fabulous cocktail glass!  I’d totally pair this with a bottle of champagne and it would make a fantastic gift!  


Gifts for domestic goddesses everywhere.

Don't forget to make sure you're around for taste testing!

I love the sort of Scandinavian-looking design of this scarf.  It is so wearable, from running errands to coffee dates to trips to the park.  

I love how many patterns these rollers come in!  I'd love to have a few and print different batches of cookies with the different designs for a fun mix-and-match effect.

A cold-press coffee kit for kicking off the morning right! (Kit comes with a cuppow lid which turns any mason jar into a to-go cup!)

Don't forget to attach one of these to every gift you make this season, or gift them to your crafty little sister!

Ooooh, a new-fangled canning contraption!  This is a great option for the slightly less domestic type (like me!), or to give the very domestic goddess a speedy advantage! 

Fresh bread. Whenever you want. And cozy smells to fill your home.  'Nuff said.


Stay tuned for Great Gifts Part 3, coming soon!