New Holiday Cards & Some Time Well Wasted

Yay! It's Friday...and holy crap we are already a week into November!  Make sure to swing by the Bert&Lou shop (click here!) and pick up your holiday cards and glasses.  Every good grown up knows that holiday cards are essential this time of year, and the glasses make an excellent gift!  I've added new card designs as well as new card finishes, new envelopes, special goodies...the whole shebang!  Check back in the coming weeks for even more designs!  

In the meantime, here are some sweet Friday time-wasters for ya'll:


Oh my goodness I laughed so hard while reading this.  Between the pictures and the captions I about died.

This one, too.

Cool.  Let's keep this ball rollin'.

Hip Hip Hooray! Another great reason to support Patagonia! 

This kid is the effin' BOMB.

So is this kid.  Go Leah!

Kevin Spacey wins at life as always. 

A little SQUEE for your weekend: cuddles, cats being adorable assholes, dogs that forgot how to dog, a mommy dog who has adopted some orphaned kittens and I died from the cuteness.

Have a Happy Friday!