Happy Halloween & Spooky Links

Happy Halloween you beautiful beasts!

Albert Joseph Pénot, "Départ pour le Sabbat" (1910)

Albert Joseph Pénot, "Départ pour le Sabbat" (1910)

I'm headed out of town to visit my best friend from college, but first I've rounded up some festively freaky links for ya.  Have a spooktacular weekend and be safe!


An artistic squirrel carved its own pumpkin, and it's so cute! 

This pit has been burning for decades...did the rig that fell into it open up a portal to hell?  And where is the rig now??? 

Some good ol' fashioned spooky asylums.  I'd visit but don't try to get me to stay the night!

This gave me goosebumps

An historical explanation of why witches ride broomsticks.  HOLY SMOKES I had no idea.  **Adult content**

The sinister stories behind urban legends. 

More Halloween cocktails, including another amazing black one!

A 30-minute history of the horror film.  I've spent this year catching up on my old favorites like Corpse Bride, Beetlejuice, and Coraline.

Myths about serial killers and why they persist--don't worry it's still creepy! 

The weirdest candy you need to try.

I LOLed at these dogs in hilarious costumes.  

Glitter Guide's Halloween edition of fun things to try this weekend. 

How spooky is this melting house?!