InstagraMonday: Middle of the Road

I find myself creating my own unintentional trends.  When something catches my eye, I begin to notice it much more frequently, like all of a sudden I truly see them.  Such is the case for images like these.  Each photograph is seriously pure genius, and now that I've noticed their beauty, I feel like they turn up more than before (but not so much that they've lost their meaning, or become an actual trend!).  I am obsessed with their composition and the perfectly centered road; with the road being barren (or nearly so) and therefore a peek into a very private experience; with the pureness of the light and wildness of the weather that makes you feel like you're right. there.  Each photograph is so infused with the power to transport you.  They all make me want to hit the road! 

Make sure to check out each grammer's full account---the talent is out of this world!