Girl Powahhh

I don't know if it's just me but it seems like there is an extra bit of sexism and body-shaming towards women in the media lately.  It breaks my heart.  Thank goodness for women who are using their strength and authenticity to put a kibosh on all that garbage.  Here are a few links to some amazing ladies taking a stand against some of the many ignorant and harmful things being said as of late:

An interesting perspective on the whole Renée Zellweger's face issue.  

Jennifer Garner has a good point about her perceived role in Hollywood.

Venus and Serena, always strong, always admirable.  Screw the Haters.

Then there's this garbage, which is exactly the reason I loathe going places alone in the city.


To balance the not-so-great circumstances behind the remarks in the links above, here are a few links to some good girl power articles:

Women in Hollywood about their time in college.  Respect!

Jane Goodall, OG.

I'm adding a whole heap of books to my Christmas list by women who rock.  I know I'm a little behind on some of them.  Bossypants is a great example--how have I not read that yet!?  I've got my work cut out for me but it'll be worth it.  I need a break from all the marketing books I've been reading lately for a good dose of girl powahhh.  Have any other good suggestions?  It's not very extensive, but feel like this is a pretty good start: