The Good Stuff: A Japanese Train Station Built Around a Tree, MoMA Supports Muslim Artists, and Ways to Support Public Schools

An interview with one of my favorite humans on social media.

Kayashima: a train station built around a 700-year old camphor tree. 

Going off the grid seems preeeetty appealing as of late.  It wouldn't take much convincing for me to move to one of these cool Earthships.

In an unprecedented gesture, MoMA has replaced works in its permanent collection galleries with eight by artists from Muslim-majority nations named in Trump’s executive order.  #respect

President Barack Obama’s chief photographer Pete Souza has been posting some powerful images on Instagram to mark the end of the Obama presidency.

A list of the drinks Starbucks baristas make for themselves.  The Toffeedoodle frapp has my name all over it.

A recipe for Samoa girl scout cookie inspired oatmeal.

This past week, Betsy DeVos was confirmed as America's new Secretary of Education — "despite having never gone to public school, having never sent her children to public school, having never worked in education, not having a degree in education, not being aware of the most prominent issues in public education curriculum, and claiming that guns should be allowed in schools to defend kids against grizzly bears (seriously) She won’t say whether she will uphold the Title IX guidances protecting student sexual assault survivors. She doesn’t support public schools. She wouldn’t give a straight answer when asked if she would uphold the policies protecting students from corrupt for-profit colleges. Her education mission is to “advance God’s Kingdom” — she said it herself."  So here are some ways that YOU can support public education.  

The Good Stuff: Bill Nye Works it on the Runway, A Super Bowl Snack, and The Virtues of Cinnamon Toast

Happy Sunday, fam.  Any Super Bowl plans? I'll be half-watching (okay mostly just the commercials), half working.  Valentine orders are pouring in and I'm working overtime to get them all wrapped and shipped!  Even though this is the first time in 6 years (!) that I will be my own Valentine, I still adore the holiday.  :)  What better excuse to treat yourself?!   #galentinesday / #valentinesday all the way <3  !

I love cooking with turmeric and I'll never pass up a good golden milk, but what's all the hubub about with the spice, anyway?

You will never, ever, find the cats in these photos (unless of course you cheat).

How do pets build community??

The inventor of the iconic Pringles can had one very specific wish: upon his death, he requested to be buried in one

15 stunning libraries from around the world

This lady created a killer archive of vintage wallpaper

De Poezenboot: a floating cat sanctuary in Amsterdam. 

The geography of literature

Artist and illustrator Ruby Elliot's new book is a heartwarming, hilarious, and gorgeously artistic depiction of mental health.

A sweetly charming article (and recipe!) on the virtues of cinnamon toast

Bill Nye is, and always will be, BAE <3

As usual, I'm a little late jumping on the bandwagon.  But this past week I finally followed J.K. Rowling on Twitter because she BURNS SOCIAL MEDIA TROLLS LIKE A GODDAMN WIZARD.

A 600 year-old statue of the Buddha has emerged from a lake in China. 

These waffle-crusted chicken tenders would make an awfully good addition to your Super Bowl spread, if I do say so myself.

This sloth had the Best. Day. Ever.

Boss Babes

I'm honestly a little surprised Instagram hasn't put a cap on the accounts I follow yet.  I get on following sprees and I just can't help myself!  My most recent trip down the Instagram rabbit hole consisted of accounts that make me feel like the most boss babe ever.  Some are career-oriented, others are full on GRL PWR, but all offer daily doses of wisdom and positivity (something which can seem really hard to come by these days!).  The thing I love about Instagram is that I can choose to surround myself with beauty and creative vision and not have to bear witness to all the crazy that is taking place on my other social media channels.  Sometimes a girl just really needs some joy and pictures of nicely styled coffee cups!  Am I right or am I right?!

*click through pictures to see each account*

Boss Ladies Mag

Career Contessa

Business Chicks

Girls Building Empires

Lean In

Create & Cultivate

The Wing

The WW Club

Levo League

Have a super weekend! <3

The Good Stuff: Herbal Remedies for Emotional Healing, the 25 Best Brunch Instagram Accounts, and Why The Arts Improve Lives

It's been a real tricky week over here in the United States.  Donald Trump became POTUS, women marched across the globe in solidarity with protesters here in the U.S. in one of the largest demonstration gatherings ever recorded, a lot of top government officials resigned without warning, and basically it's all going to hell in a handbag (but not one designed by Tom Ford, of course).  I imagine America looks like a big ol' hot mess to all our world neighbors, and in fact, IT IS.  It's discouraging, embarrassing, and deflating.

Now, while it may seem like a pitiful appeal, I urge everyone in this time of absolute tumult to stay kind to each other.  I know it gets really hard.  People are mean!  People are wrong!  Their side sucks!  But if we just make an effort to consider everyone's feelings, to listen with actual open ears and permit productive dialogues to take place, at least we as citizens can do something in the direction of what's good, even when our leaders are a fkn piece of work.

Below are some links to check out for when you're seriously just so done with all the political back-and-forth garbage on social media.  You're welcome. 


A scientist invented a cyanometer just so he could measure the blueness of the sky

To my fellow word lovers and grammar snobs: this Harvard linguist has revealed the English language's most misused words.

It's no secret this past Christmas season was a difficult one for me, so even though the holidays are now behind us, I really appreciated this article on the fullness of life and not shaming sadness around the holidays.  Oh, and there's a recipe for Tuscan olive oil cake!

The 25 best brunch Instagram accounts

Say goodbye to dreams of flat abs, there's now a cookie dough cafe.  

No doubt about it, the arts improve lives

5 times women-led protests changed the course of history. 

A tasty recipe for black tea-poached pear with mascarpone cream and muesli.  YUM!

Your morning coffee might just slow down aging! Caffeine AND longevity?! Bonus! (If you're more of a tea-drinker like me, there's hope for us too!)

I've been really committed to acts of kindness lately, so imagine my pleasure of learning that one of the coolest stores around--Paper Source-- has launched their very own kindness initiative.  Get involved!

Hey Harry Potter fans, you can pick up your very own Potter-themed bathcare items. The shop that sells them is absolutely darling... I can't wait to snatch up a few (okay a lot)!

Easy herbal remedies for emotional healing. #selfcare

I am definitely going to check out Eye Level, a soon-to-be-launched “literary lifestyle” magazine featuring rising authors, must-read new releases and insights from thought leaders across cultural genres.

The difference between a happy life and a meaningful life, and why one is more likely to leave you feeling satisfied. 

Pretty Cool: Florescent Florals

Out of the darkness there a appears a surprising source of light.

As if flowers and plant life weren't beautiful enough, it turns out there is an entire spectrum of beauty to them we have only just begun to discover and embrace.  

28-year-old photographer Craig Burrows might seem like a magician, but he's not exactly that.  He's an artist with a scientific method and an eye for the hidden beauty of plants. He photographs plants and flowers using a type a photography called UVIVF or “ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence.”

You probably haven’t heard of UVIVF.  That's not a surprise, as it is a relatively unknown process which brings out the glowing fluoresce in plant matter through the use of high-intensity UV lights.  This florescence, which becomes visible to the human eye only through the projection of an intense UV light (think cosmic black-light bowling), serves as an entire language in the animal kingdom.  This light is highly visible to insect eyes and acts as an attractant to pollinators. Insects and arachnids are also able to employ their own florescence as a warning to potential predators. It's basically the disco-ball of the bug world (Some birds may also be able to experience this spectrum).

Typically UV is removed through a camera’s lens, however Burrows photographs with a 365nm LED light which is passed through a filter to transmit only UV and infrared light. The plant life Burrows photographs absorbs this UV light and releases visible light at different wavelengths, which allows him to capture colors far more vivid than those seen in a typical viewing condition.  Dazzling!